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Great Links to Strengthen Your Link with the Lord

Title: Are You A Jesus Nut*?

My skeptical friend asked me, "What is a Jesus nut?" Here's how I answered:

I guess you have one answer in mind, and I’ll accept the challenge. At King’s High School I took a year of biology. The first semester was about plants. Mid-second-semester (animals), the teacher gave extra credit on a test by asking us to regurgitate everything we could recall about first-semester plants. I wrote about thalophytes, bryophytes and teridophytes. Elasmobranchii? Anyway, I got 118% on the test. And so, in a similar effort, so as not to miss the point, I offer you the Top 10 Answers to “What is a Christian Nut?” saving my favorite answer until the last (#1):

10. One holy man told me being a committed Christians means being a “fan.” “Fan” is short for fanatic. If people make fools of themselves at football games, we should be bold about our walk with Christ such that people might think of us as a fanatic (or nut).

9. Another holy man told me to be “NOT” a fan – not an onlooker/observer. “The biggest threat to the church today is fans who call themselves Christians but aren’t actually interested in following Christ. They want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits, but not so close that it requires anything from them.” Click here and scroll down to quotes: 

8. Dallas Willard, yet another holy man, said that “casting pearls before swine” actually means to offer spiritual counsel when it is not specifically helpful to someone. Beating a skeptic over the head with ecclesiastical terminology may not be helpful. Guilty as charged.

7. God created an exquisite variety of people with different personalities. If Joe is suited for street-preaching and Hank loves to engage people door-to-door, Dave may have a completely dissimilar personality and gift.

6. When I think I might be doing something for God, he may be doing something much better, using me as an instrument, something of which I am not even aware.

5. I might think I’m a great story-teller and singer, and I might over-do it with you. I may become a turn-off, considered more of a motor-mouth or bellower.

4. I might make you feel uncomfortable about some objective truth. I’m thinking, “Good! I want him to be uncomfortable until he is motivated to adopt truth and do something about it.” You may consider me a nut.

3. I may think it is I who must win your heart for Jesus. And you must do it my way – sign a card, walk the aisle, pray the sinner’s prayer. But I cannot win you. Only God can do that. Abraham didn’t sign a card, walk the aisle or pray the sinner’s prayer. But the Bible says he was God’s friend. And no friend of God will be denied Heaven.

2. Impose strict rules and standards that are not biblical, thus acting like a Pharisee.


1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maqOpMXnDjQ

*A "Jesus Christ nut" is the large metal nut on a UH-1 Huey that keeps the rotor blades attached to the fuselage. The "Jesus Christ nut" is all-powerful. If it loosens and comes off, the body of the helicopter drops out from under the rotor blades and plummets to the ground, the blades themselves spinning off to their own crash miles away.